Totems is a love story between two enemy spies. From East Berlin to Paris, from Northern Africa to the USSR, the action thriller is set in 1964 in the midst of the Cold War. It follows Francis Morizet, secret agent, struggling to carry his legend of a father’s mantle as he heads into the field for the first time and stumbles upon Lyudmila, newly KGB. In the middle of continuous illegal intelligence operations between the SDECE and the CIA, they will struggle for their countries and against the love they feel for each other.

The series is co-written by Juliette Soubrier (Zone Blanche), and co-created by Olivier Dujols (Falco) who also serves as showrunner. It is produced by Gaumont.

Credits: © Stanislav Honzik


Niels Schneider

Vera Kolesnikova

Jose Garcia