Stillwater Wins 2022 Kidscreen Award – Best Design

Gaumont’s Stillwater is the recipient of the 2022 Kidscreen Award for Best Design.

Narcos: Mexico & Lupin Nominated for HCA TV Awards

The HCA’s broadcast network and cable awards will be held at The Beverly Hilton on Saturday, August 13, 2022, while the streaming event will take place the next night, on Sunday, August 14.

Eddie Frotzke Returns With New Episodes Of The Hit Sky Original, ‘The Wasp’

Taboo And Gaumont Develop Indigenous-Inspired Kids Series

Black Eyed Peas member Taboo (pictured) and French prodco Gaumont “gotta feeling” their upcoming Indigenous-inspired kids series will have a positive effect on young audiences around the world.

Netflix Announces Season 2 of Barbarians Coming This Fall

Check Out The New Teaser

Shooting Has Started For The ARD/WDR Film “Nothing That Happens to US”

The shooting of the ARD/WDR television film “Nichts, was uns passiert” (“Nothing that happens to us”) is currently taking place in Cologne and the surrounding area.

Filming is Currently Underway in Cologne for the “Endlich Freitag Im Erste” Film “Klara Sontag – Das große Los”

Filming for the third part of “Klara Sonntag – Das große Los” (Klara Sonntag – The Great Lot) is currently underway.

‘Stillwater’ Celebrates Earth Day!

Apple TV+ is delivering more animated Earth Day celebrations with the season 2 finale of ‘Stillwater’. In the special Earth Day episode “One Drop Makes an Ocean,” Stillwater shows the kids his worm farm and other things he does to live green, which inspires them to come up with more ways to help the Earth.

Gaumont acquires the adaptation rights for ‘A propos d’Antoine’

Gaumont has taken over the rights to the program inspired by the life of screenwriter Cathleen Rouleau, which will be produced by Podz.

‘Stillwater’ Season 2 Trailer Brings New Panda Adventures to Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has unveiled a new trailer for Season 2 of their animated series Stillwater, underlining how new episodes will become available next week, and that a special episode is coming in April to celebrate Earth Day.